Five volunteers needed (EU only please)

Stefan Claas sac at
Tue Oct 6 16:49:15 CEST 2020

Juergen Christoffel wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 05, 2020 at 05:37:57PM +0200, Stefan Claas wrote:
> >
> >My new idea is to send encrypted postcards or letters, with an NFC tag attached,
> >containing a GnuPG clearsigned test message. I like to see if the postcards will
> >arrive in proper condition, so that the NFC tags are still readable.
> Looks like an over-engineered idea to me: why use NFC tags when simple QR
> codes printed on paper would be sufficient? And probably less prone to
> detection or damage, I expect.

Good question. QR codes needs for example a printer and stickers too, if
not printed directly on postcards. My new Epson printer, for example, does 
not support feeding of postcards or other thick materials, only standard
paper and photo paper.

Maybe we should ask ourselves why NFC tags were invented if QR-code would
be sufficient.


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