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Yeah, though if you wanted to be sneaky-do you could encrypt a message,
put it on a QR sticker, slap the sticker on some traffic pole as a dead
drop, and let it hide in plain sight until your intended recipient came
by and snapped a shot of it.  My guess is that if the world ever gets to
the crazy point where people feel they need to send GPG messages through
non-electronic means, you're just as likely to get the rubber hose and
time-out-in-the-little-box treatment for sending paper mail to someone
with GPG'd QR codes or RFID tags as you are for sending GPG'd emails.

Some of this stuff is just silly, of course, we're nerds not spies, but
if you're going to dial the paranoia to 11 you may as well be consistent
about it. 

On 10/6/20 10:27 AM, Juergen Christoffel wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 06, 2020 at 04:49:15PM +0200, Stefan Claas wrote:
> Finally: using password protected NFC tags to carry encrypted content seems
> a bit of overkill or over engineering too. But one could read a tag without
> opening the letter that would be used to ship it, which obviously would be
> a bit harder with QR codes ...
> 	--jc
> P.S. Last but not least, we could send QR codes via email! ;-0
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