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> Well, first of all, we should ask ourselves why in the world do people get
> so many many services on the Internet for *free* ...? I think it has to do
> with the U.S. Supremacy & Leadership role. Normally when you or me would
> start a business you would need a lot of money, then secure your business,
> and finally charge users, so that you can make an income for you and your
> employees and cover the monthly network traffic/hardware/maintenance costs.


Regarding the Internet as of today and Al Gores vision and the Internet
commerce etc.

I always wondered why it is not possible for me and probably many other
people to not get a *static* IPv6 address additionally when you sign up
as private individual at an ISP of your choice?

People could use as usual still common IPv4 for their regular surfing etc.
but had then the ability, with a static IPv6 address to run their own
email server and other services from home with a little Raspberry Pi etc.,
without purchasing a VPS plan, thus one would only need to register a
domain of choice and the records management could also bee done a) with
the Domain Registrar or your local ISP, instead of the VPS hosting provider.

Interesting ... isn't it? (Or would that make to much work for TLAs to
conduct mass surveillance and what is the position of EU politician when
they speak about digitalization of the EU etc?

I ask this, because when one looks at Wikipedia:

people may wonder why it takes sooooo loooong that every citizen on this
planet could get a static IPv6 address for *free* when they sign up for
an ISP of their choice.

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