Preserving public keyserver network (Re: Which keyserver)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Fri Oct 23 11:14:55 CEST 2020

Am Samstag 19 September 2020 23:34:32 schrieb Stefan Claas:
> I stand by my points that hockeypuck can solve the issues

To me 
it makes sense to preserve a decentalised network of public keyservers [1].

In my post 
 Preserving non-central and privacy with a "permission recording keyserver"
    [Reiter 2019-07 a]
there is a concept allowing for compatibility with strong privacy laws.

Some ideas how we could conceptually preserve third party 
signature information on public servers:
  Preserving third party signatures distribution [Reiter 2019-07 b]

So yes, I also believe that improvements to hockeypuck or a fresh 
implementation could step by step get the public keyserver network up again.

Best Regards,
ps.: Because I believe funding more qualified dev time is part of the 
solution: You can become a sponsor for hockeypuck development, see 
(my company Intevation is one, we also gave a small donation to KF Web running

  Web of Trust's usefulness [Reiter 2019-07 c]

  | as additional source of trust and history.

  | Abandoning the web of trust common infrastructure works against usage
  | models where there is anonymous usage, several identities, non-email use
  | and offline usage. All those maybe not the majority case, they may even be
  | niche models, but I think they are important to add diversity and
  | resiliance against manipulations of mainstream players.
   (spelling improved)

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