GPGME (for python) questions

Hammett, Rich rich.hammett at
Fri Oct 23 21:48:49 CEST 2020

Is there a guide anywhere for what versions of GnuPG are supported by what versions of GPGME?

I only need encryption and decryption as part of an automated software framework, and I’m trying to migrate from an existing toolset that uses GnuPG v1.4 and python-gnupg.  We need to be able to pgp encrypt and decrypt without human interaction.  I’m working through the various ways to move up to more current software, and latest GPGME with latest GnuPG is probably the best, if I can figure out the python bindings and if GnuPG works with pinentry for automated decryption.

Any tips, any good documents out there?  Are there archives of this list somewhere, or is that private for the same reason the subscribers’ list is?


Rich Hammett
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