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Unless you live in North Korea or something there are always ways around SIM registration laws, though they get expensive depending on where you live.  If you have a trusted US contact you can just have them grab you a bunch of Mint Mobile SIMs and have them cooperate with sending you the OTP codes during signups, for example.  Or if you are a man of many quatloos, you can fly to the U.S. and do the trick here yourself and then fly back home and use the accounts.  Once you sign up you change the OTP recovery phone number to a VOIP number you control (you'd need to purchase this VOIP number anonymously too, there are plenty of ways to do that like MySudo, Twillio, etc).   But unless you're doing some really hinky-dinky stuff like investigating organized criminals or sending the Guardian classified videos of drone strikes on baby kittens, this is mega overkill.  

Using XP is madness, IMO.  If you're that into rolling your own system why in the heck wouldn't you be petting the penguin?  I mean, why would you use a fully configurable open source OS or a fully audited secure distro based on said open source OS when you could instead use an obsolete proprietary OS that's had no security patches in over half a decade?  I wouldn't even trust XP for airgapping.  If the baddies were really after you I'm sure they'd find whatever you've done to harden your XP boxen super amusing.   They might even send each other screenshots of your setup over Signal while making funny comments.  

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> A.  Yes, you can still anonymously register for almost anything.  It's 
> not straightforward and requires a bit of forethought and jumping 
> through hoops.
Not even close. Only a prepaid phone will do, which are not available where I live, and even if they were, I'd still be required to show some form of ID in order to get it, which defeats the whole purpose of getting one in the first place.

> No, it probably won't defeat the NSA, but if they're your adversary 
> what in blue blazes are you doing using any kind of electronic device 
> let alone posting here.
In the world we live in right now, a comment someone pretends to be offended by will get you jail time. It's that bad. I'm not being singled out by the NSA or anything, and that in part due to the fact that there's absolutely not a trace of anything on the internet that can be linked back to my real identity. I arduously cultivated my anonymity from the get go so to be able to operate freely in the shadows, and it's now paying off in the form of relative tranquility as I stand untouched in the midst of this cruel, worldwide socialist takeover.

> B. The Shadowgate documentary isn’t.  This is Coo-Coo for CocoaPuffs 
> territory.  If you want to believe that stuff that's cool, just 
> thought I'd make sure to stick the tinfoil tag on this one since you 
> speak of it like it's a legit thing.
> https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/08/18/fact-check-sh
> adowgate-spreads-misinformation-major-events/5601742002/
There's nothing in that article that even begins to disprove anything the ShadowGate documentary addressed; literally not one thing. Just a bunch of NPC's running their mouths spewing the same old tired lies and slander, which's standard practice for fake news socialist outlets anyways.

Just don't let others do the thinking for you.

> C.  Replying to person you were replying to -- how pants on head 
> stupid does one have to be to use Tor browser (or any type of security 
> critical
> software) on XP?  If you think that's a good idea then you shouldn't 
> be using Tor.
The TOR Browser is an accident waiting to happen irrespective of the system it's running on. XP is secure to the extent that you know how to make it secure, and that goes for any operating system flexible enough for the task.

> D: If you really need secure anonymous email, fire up TAILS on a 
> bootable DVD
There's no value in doing that since there's nothing I need to perform securely that XP will not cooperate with, and besides all this, you do NOT want to blindly capitulate your security to any AIO "solution" like Tails, specially in light of it's flaws. You're much better off acquiring an adequate understanding of whatever OS you're running and make the necessary changes as you go.

Of course there's a limit to that, and certain OS' are plainly and simply way too compromised and stiff for any privacy-related work, but XP is far from being one of them.

>, sign up for a free Protonmail account over Tor, use a burner prepaid 
>phone number to authenticate to Protonmail (Protonmail correctly gets 
>worried about Tor signups), access Protonmail only over Tor (they have 
>a  hidden service).
Not possible as explained above, and quite frankly Protonmail is one of the worst offenders because they shun people who are concerned with privacy...in the name of privacy, of all things. What a dishonest bunch.

>If that's not good enough to circumvent your  adversaries, again, you 
>should probably just move up into the remote  Alaskan wilderness and 
>live off wild animals and shrubbery for the rest of  your life and hope 
>the bad men never find you.
I'll be going up in the rapture before it gets that crazy, so that's something for the leftbehinders to figure out ;)

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