We shall value email usage

Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 1 18:19:45 CEST 2021

On 01-04-2021 17:54, Stefan Vasilev via Gnupg-users wrote:

> Fax is faster than email and arrives, while email delivery to a
> recipient can not

On;y if the recipient has a landline that can always pickup the fax
call. A more and more uncommon situation. I don't have a landline
anymore, no use for it.

> many users. Third assuming households have muli-purpose printers too
> they can simply scan the Fax for further processing.

What a waste of paper and expensive ink. And I don't have a
(functioning) printer anyway, why would I? I can read everything on
screen. Maybe RMS might do something like that but while I support him
in the current which hunt I'm not as strict as he is about using modern
hardware. Killing some Google services like advertising id on my phone
and blocking ads is as far as I go.

>> Why limit yourself with expensive special purpose hardware that has far
>> less options than the current?

> Why not, this product is available and does not limit Internet users to
> do other thing besides encrypted Fax usage.
Why buy expensive special purpose hardware for only that use case?

> No, Signal is an easy to monitor smartphone tool needing a server with
> registered users, while

Not really easy to monitor, not since they implemented "sealed sender"
so the server does only know the receiver, not the sender.

> PGPfone was a Computer usage only tool, for direct and secure comms,
> between two endpoints,

Who both had to synchronize being online at the same time. That might
have been acceptable 20 years ago but not now.

> without server usage. Dialing was done from IP address to IP address and
> verified with the included PGP wordlist.

That might cause problems now that most people have dynamic IP addresses.

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