2.3 --list-keys weirdness

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Dec 7 09:16:33 CET 2021

On Montag, 6. Dezember 2021 09:41:51 CET Robert J. Hansen via Gnupg-users 
> > Which version exactly are you using?
> 2.3.3.
> > Try attaching gdb to see where it hangs.
> #12 0x000055555562025c in start_new_keyboxd
> (r_ctx=r_ctx at entry=0x7fffffffd930,
>      errsource=errsource at entry=GPG_ERR_SOURCE_GPG,
>      keyboxd_program=<optimized out>, autostart=<optimized out>,
>      verbose=<optimized out>, debug=<optimized out>, status_cb=0x0,
>      status_cb_arg=0x555555684b70) at asshelp.c:635

The problem seems to be caused by the new experimental keyboxd. Try disabling 
it. Unfortunately, you may lose all keys stored by the daemon because it 
doesn't use the keyrings.

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