Why are 64-bit libraries not included in GnuPG but Gpg4win?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Dec 15 12:45:43 CET 2021

Hello Sven,

Am Samstag 04 Dezember 2021 05:13:28 schrieb Sven Richter via Gnupg-users:
> Thunderbird
> expects to be able to manage all public keys regardless. Even with this
> setup of mine, it only pulls the private keys from GnuPG. 

> I far rather
> have GnuPG manage my keys as much as possible than the email client.

yes, it would be cool to give that as a wish to Thunderbird to develop
a full GnuPG based backend for that purposes for the people that
have that use case and install Gpg4win anyway. (I think adding another
experimental layer in between will not be the best solution, it can introduce 
other sources of differences in behaviour.)

[back to the 64bit libraries question]

> I believe I'm only using 64-bit variants of
> files are are already present in their 32-bit form in the regular bin
> folder of GnuPG anyway. Hence it would make sense in my opinion to directly
> include the 64-bit variants of them in the basic GnuPG installation.

Maybe. The current aim is to get Gpg4win 4 out of the door,
so right now the question to change the roles of the small engine installer
and the full installer for Windows (Gpg4win) is taking the backseat to this. 


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