Thunderbird's hints and history for OpenPGP/MIME (new wiki page)

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Am Freitag 03 Dezember 2021 13:52:19 schrieb Rainer Fiebig via Gnupg-users:
> Am 03.12.21 um 12:04 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:

> > of incompatible header encryption:
> > | Transport information in a decentral network - just like the writing on
> > | the outside of a postal mail envelope - cannot be protected in
> > | principle. When reflecting on this, chose  a subject that is plausible
> > | in context, but without sensitive contents, to best veil potential
> > | unwanted observers. (Your thinking is right: The more sensitive this
> > | is, the more you have to build up a plausible context for your
> > | unavoidable traces first.)
> This caters more to spies or people who have to be paranoid for an other
> reason. And they will know already.

> The average user, I guess, just wants to keep private communication
> private. And what the subject reveals should in most cases be
> negligible. So to me this paragraph seems a bit out of place.

Okay, thanks for letting me know.
I've included it because many people feel that encrypting this part of the 
meta data is a good idea and should be done for average users.

(As Christoph wrote Donnerstag 09 Dezember 2021 17:10:29:
| For me the encryption of the subject seemed to be an advantage because
| the subject is some kind of meta information and meta information can
| say very much about a person.

This clashes a bit with the confidentially improvement somebody may get
using a transport network that is not controlled by one entity and by
multiple indepentently implemented clients. For this I believe that all users 
need to be aware of what is meta information and what is not.

My hypothesis is that people can deal with this in daily non-digital life 
already, like considering what to talk about or display in a public or 
semi-public place.

Anyway, next time I'll check that paragraph, I think how I can make the 
connection in a better way.

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