fingerprint associated public key does not match displayed public key

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Mon Dec 20 22:51:04 CET 2021

> seems as though my entry into this realm was clearly... bad.  I wanted
> to learn the system without using separate encryption software like
> kleopatra.  I wanted to know how to do it with just gpg and any email
> provider.  It's difficult, and I have a lot to learn.

Don't do that.  Seriously.  This is like saying "I want to learn how to 
farm like my grandparents did!"  Farming is hard enough: voluntarily 
doing without, you know, *electricity* is just crazy.  (In the United 
States, many farms were without electricity until the 1940s!)

These easy-to-use tools exist for a reason: to make GnuPG easy to use. 
If you insist on doing things the hard way you have only yourself to 
blame.  First learn how to use GnuPG, and then figure out how to use 
GnuPG like you would if it was 1992 after you've got your basic skills down.

> and... I was hoping that, since I have your email, key ID, and fingerprint ;)
> I could write an encrypted message to your sixdemonbag email.  I'd
> completely understand if you'd rather not.  I just have now found
> myself luring friends and relatives into learning this with me and
> exchanging encrypted emails and... it's not going well.

You may want to check out a mailing list like PGPNET, which exists 
specifically to give people experience in sending/receiving encrypted 
mail. :)

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