Curve25519 key generation on GnuPG card or import key to the card failures

Benoît benoit at
Wed Dec 22 14:47:10 CET 2021

I got 3x OpenPGP Smart Card v3.3 and I am unable to generate Curve25519
on the card nor importing a cv/ev25519 to it.

When importing a cv/ev25519, I got gpg : KEYTOCARD failed : Invalid

When I try to use key-attr option from gpg --card-edit, I got two options : Curve25519 and nsit-384. nsit-384 is fine for both generation or import but nor
generation or import are working with Curve25519.

I can see on the release note that v3.3.1 fixes "Error correction of
Algorithm IDs for ECDSA and ECDH" but I don't have more details so I
have a doubt that this would solve my issue.

Any idea where this could come from ? I am also surprised to only have two
options for key-attr from gpg --card-edit as Curve25519 should only be
available for E, (ed25519 for A,S,C).

OpenPGP Smart Card v3.3
gnupg 2.2.31



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