Gpg4win LetsEncrypt issue

Alex Nadtoka alex.nadtoka at
Wed Dec 29 13:33:14 CET 2021

I cannot connect to any keyserver. The error is certificate expired. I am
on latest (I think) Windows 10 . Tried reinstalling it or installing on new
Windows machine but no luck . dirmngr keeps telling me that certificate is

I know I can put  ignore-cert followed by the SHA-1 fingerprint of the
problematic certificate in my dirmngr.conf to ignore certificate errors.
But where I can get thouse fingerprints for lets encrypt certificates?

I feel like I I can get ot from here ... but not sure where exactly the
fingerpring is? (
Also it should be for root or intermediate CA  or both?

Also is there anybody who can successfully connect with Kleopatra to any
keyserver on Windows?

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