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I am using the gpg command in a UNIX Shell script triggered by the Abinitio
ETL Tool to decrypt my encrypted source files. I am following below steps
to achieve my goal.

Step 1. As a POC, I can successfully executed below command.
gpg --batch --yes --quiet --always-trust -o /home/output_file.dat -d

The above command will simply ask for password and decrypt the source file.
Please note that I am intentionally not using --passphrase as password will
be exposed to console using ps command.

Step 2. Instead, I have thought of storing the passphrase in a file
(passphrase.dat.pgp), encrypted that file without password and passing the
password to do the work using below command.

echo gpg --batch --yes --quiet --always-trust -d
/home/sharma43/passphrase.dat.pgp | gpg --batch --yes --quiet
--always-trust -o /home/output_file.dat -d
the problem comes when I execute above command and it fails for below error.

gpg: cancelled by user
decryption failed: No secret key

Obviously, I have the required secret key as the POC done in Step 1 was

Step 3. To my wonder, when I execute Step 1 first and then Step 2 (within a
short span), it works, but if I directly run Step 2 ( which actually will
be happening as a part of solution), then it doesn't and fails for "No
secret key" error.

Can you please explain why this could be happening? Is there a specific
location where GPG private keys should be imported?

Please note the version I am using is "gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.22 version".
Abhisht Sharma
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