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I am experience with imapfilter to decrypt old mail archives but keeping

The reason is that I lost already access to old mails that was encrypted
to a key which is only on a, now broken, GPG card. As the relevant
mailserver is mine and the file system is encrypted, I can accept to
have that mails unencrypted in storage.

I have the following approach at the moment:
   for _, msg in ipairs(result) do
      mbox, uid = unpack(msg)
      header = mbox[uid]:fetch_header()
      body = mbox[uid]:fetch_body()
      flags = mbox[uid]:fetch_flags()
      date = mbox[uid]:fetch_date()

      if (body:match("BEGIN PGP MESSAGE")) then
	 obody = body:match('(%-%-%-%-%-BEGIN PGP MESSAGE%-%-%-%-%-.*%-%-%-%-%-END PGP MESSAGE%-%-%-%-%-\r\n)')
	 state, nbody = pipe_single(obody, "gpg", "--decrypt", "--unwrap")
	 if (state ~= 0) then
	    print("Error "..state)
	 state, nbody = pipe_single(nbody, "gpg", "--enarmor")
	 if (state ~= 0) then
	    print("Error "..state)
	 nbody = nbody:gsub('ARMORED FILE', 'MESSAGE')
	 body = body:gsub('(%-%-%-%-%-BEGIN PGP MESSAGE%-%-%-%-%-.*%-%-%-%-%-END PGP MESSAGE%-%-%-%-%-\r\n)', nbody)

	 message = header .. body
	 privat['sent-mail']:append_message(message, flags, date)

But that do not work in mutt as the signed mail must be in separate mime
parts for text and for signature. But `gpg --unwrap` generate a PGP
binary file with just encryption removed.  Thunderbird works just fine
but mutt doesn't.

Do anybody have any idea how to convert the binary package back to
detached signature and eventually how to build mime parts around in lua?

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