BSI - Why PQC for Thunderbird and not gpg4win in the first place?

Стефан Васильев stefan.vasilev at
Wed Jun 30 17:07:25 CEST 2021

Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> To be more specific, the conservatice party block (CDU/CSU) in Germany 
> has
> been pushing many years for more suveillance, more rights for secret 
> services
> and attack capabilities. And the resistance from other parties like 
> attornies, journalists has been becoming weaker. (Note that the biggest 
> block
> of German voters prefer this conservative block, so this is a problem 
> of
> convincing more people and changing their vote about those topic). 
> Similiar
> in Europe and the pandemic has shifted public attention away from the
> downsides.
> Rumors go that there is a good part that the German BSI may be split up 
> in the
> future in what I'd call a "good" and "bad" part. This makes sense, as
> if "security" public administrations have legal rights and obligations, 
> they
> need technical support and this is typical within the ministry of the
> interior. On the other hand the protecting part should be more 
> independent
> maybe in the consumer and economy protection with the ministry of 
> justice or
> the ministry economy.

Why not let the BSI play the 'good' guys and ZITiS the 'bad' guys ... ?!

Hopefully BSI will play white hat hackers and publish their findings on
their website.


P.S. Please dear GnuPG community do not see this thread as off-topic,
because in the future people inside or outside Germany may think of
how to securely and privately communicate globally with their
communication partners.


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