GTK pinentry with gpg-agent as ssh-agent

Romain Lebrun Thauront romain.lebrun-thauront at
Tue Mar 2 11:35:52 CET 2021

Hi folks,

I start using my gpg key as my ssh key and I configure gpg-agent to manage my ssh keys as mention in [the arch wiki article](
The problem is, it work well but my gpg-agent is now "link" to the last terminal I opened, and I do not have the GTK's Pinentry prompt.
It's very annoying as I use a lot of terminal, and some graphic software like thunderbird will not trigger the GTK prompt to unlock my GPG key anymore. (Therefore hanging indefinitely in the hope to receive access to my GPG private key, which they never acceed as I do not have any prompt to unlock it)
I actually trigger a dummy unlocking of my GPG key on the last terminal I have open every time I know an application is going to need access to the key. (which is really annoying)

So, is there a way to have BOTH gpg-agent managing ssh, and GTK pinentry prompts for unlocking keys ?
If not, is there a way to export/convert a gpg private key into an ssh private key, so I can go back to classic ssh-agent. (And I will convert my GPG A private subkey to a SSH private key each time I rotate my subkeys) (this is not a big deal if I can automate it...)
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