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Fri Mar 5 10:16:41 CET 2021


I have a my setup depending strongly on gpg-agent. For this, I preseed
some passphrases via pam_gnupg.

While this setup work well on my Devuan machine, I have some troubles on
the Gentoo one, that I don't get solved.

When the agent is started when I login via xdm (wdm), the agent does
never use X for displaying the pinentry. Even when `updatestartuptty` is
issued afterwards. As I use gpg-card even not everytime from the
console, I need that to display a X pinentry (currently the qt one, gtk
was preferred with gtk2 but the gtk3 one is horrible.)

I mitigated that now to kill the agent in xinit so the pam module is
only in charge when unlocking the screen. However, I want to get it work
even with login session.

Anyone an idea, why it is not working correctly and why the agent is
refusing to accept the DISPLAY setting when started via pam?

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