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Hi Werner,

Am Fr den  5. Mär 2021 um 15:59 schrieb Werner Koch:
> On Fri,  5 Mar 2021 10:16, Klaus Ethgen said:
> > While this setup work well on my Devuan machine, I have some troubles on
> > the Gentoo one, that I don't get solved.
> I am also using Devuan without problems.  Did you used

Devuan isn't the problem, it is Gentoo...

>   touch /var/lib/elogind/USERNAME
> to avoid elogin stealing the socket directory?

I do not use elogind or any other logind. I do not like that concept and
limit the amount of bloated pötterware on my system(s) to the absolute

However, if it helps, there is a bug in gentoo ([0]) that is preventing
the session registering. But I have the mentioned workaround in place.


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