[EXT] Best practices for obtaining a new GPG certificate

Andreas K. Huettel andreas.huettel at ur.de
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Hi David, 

when Gentoo switched to requiring gpg-signed git commits and pushes, we put 
some thought into requirements and best practices. Minus the Gentoo-specific 
parts, this is probably good reading:



Am Donnerstag, 18. März 2021, 05:06:24 CET schrieb David Mehler via Gnupg-
> Hello,
> My existing GPG certificate is going to expire in less than a month.
> I'd like to know current best practices for obtaining a new one? In
> particular I'm looking for the best protocol and strength for a
> security not a performance stance. The certificate will mainly be used
> for verifying and signing sent messages, and tagging git commits on
> personal servers. Devices used will be Windows 10 pcs and tablets and
> Android (version 10 and 11) phones and tablets.
> Suggestions welcome.
> Thanks.
> Dave.
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