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Jacob Bachmeyer jcb62281 at
Tue Mar 23 22:04:25 CET 2021

Robert J. Hansen via Gnupg-users wrote:
> I first heard of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation in 
> 1995.  For twenty-six years I've supported the FSF and FSFE in a 
> variety of different ways.  For these twenty-six years, Richard 
> Stallman has been at the forefront of the FSF.  In all that time I 
> have trouble remembering when I have ever seen him be kind.
> My direct experiences with him have all been frustrating.  I know many 
> hackers whose direct experiences have been harrowing.  I do not know a 
> single hacker whose direct experiences have been marked by kindness.

Perhaps he has turned over a new leaf; I have not had those problems in 
my interactions (admittedly all by email) with him.  Also admittedly, my 
interactions have all been relatively recent, and in contexts related to 
picking up maintaining DejaGnu, so an effort at reform would explain the 
horror stories others have told that do not match my experience.

> Last year when the FSF removed him from the Board of Directors, I 
> welcomed the news.  I hoped the FSF would appoint better leaders.  
> They did not: instead, they've reappointed him to the board.

The circumstances as I understand them of that removal were quite bad 
and reappointing RMS was probably a right thing to do.  That said, I am 
somewhat troubled by the apparent inability to find another leader 
because it bodes ill for the inevitable day when reappointing RMS will 
no longer be an option.

-- Jacob

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