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Am Do den 25. Mär 2021 um 11:51 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:
> To me the protected headers implementation Thunderbird is a step back,
> as it leads to unnecessary data leaks (subject and cc) to other clients
> with are OpenPGP/MIME compatible.

Well, there is other..

For example, if you start editing a mail with thunderbird and put it to
drafts. Then finishing the edit with mutt. This will leak the following
- user-agent
- x-mailer
- x-mozilla-draft-info
- x-enigmail-draft-status
- x-account-key
- x-identity-key
- fcc

Even when sending mails just from thunderbird, it leaks at least the
user-agent header.

Currently I configured my MTA to remove that headers for outgoing mails.

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