How would you do that ...

Stefan Vasilev stefan.vasilev at
Mon May 3 11:24:01 CEST 2021

Hi all,

here is a little scenario. Alice and Bob needs to find a way to do 
encrypted communications globally.

The task is the following: Alice needs to travel to a foreign country 
without any devices (laptop, smartphone etc.).

At arrival she needs to communicate daily (no real time communications) 
with Bob to exchange encrypted documents.

Alice is not allowed to login in any services, like her Gmail account, 
social media etc. to not reveal her login credentials.

She can't use Tor, because at her destination Tor is blocked. The only 
option she has is to use Internet Cafés or public libraries etc.

She is aware that at an Internet Café keyloggers may be installed. Last 
but not least she does not carry any notices on paper with her.

How would you solve this task?



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