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Mon May 3 18:46:36 CEST 2021

rjh at wrote:

> I have dealt with a similar problem in real life, as a real problem 
> with real people.
> We created a custom Linux environment, burned it to Blu-Ray, and Alice 
> crossed the border with her Linux environment tucked into her CD player.
> On the other side she acquired a laptop, Blu-Ray drive, and USB drive 
> locally, booted into this custom environment, then flashed her BIOS 
> and gave her drives a low-level format.
> Rebooting into Linux (to reduce the likelihood of BIOS-based malware 
> being present in memory) she used her system normally, although never 
> touching the local hard drive. All storage was on USB stick.
> Prior to departing the country she wiped the laptop hard drive and 
> donated it to a school. The Blu-Ray disc and USB drive were physically 
> destroyed and discreetly dumped.
Thanks a lot, this sounds very good!
> I am not at liberty to say who Alice was, where she was, or why her 
> needs were so extreme. But yes, we actually did this.
Sure, I fully understand!



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