How would you do that ...

Stefan Vasilev stefan.vasilev at
Fri May 14 18:03:16 CEST 2021

Ryan McGinnis wrote:

> For what it's worth if you're gung-ho about our heroine using a public library computer or something and you can't stego some info into an image for one of the image boards because you don't have any tech of your own in that country, then using a OTP to publicly post something to a pastebin that Bob is actively monitoring is probably the way to go.  A OTP doesn't require any kind of tech to pull off and it's about as secure as it can get.  This could facilitate two way communications as well, so long as you both know where the messages will be dropped.  It's not very subtle, but it'd work.

OTPs are superb, agreed! However, our heroine needs to be able to send 
larger documents, or maybe a photo, on a daily basis.

Then there is the problem at airports, which is if properly controlled, 
that the little booklet can be discovered.

This excercise in not meant for spies, but for ordinary citicens, which 
later must somehow 'survive' a 4th virtual Reich, so to speak.



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