GPG NEVER asks for a passphrase

dudleystevenr at dudleystevenr at
Thu May 27 17:44:23 CEST 2021

Windows 7 home premium
service pack 1
8 gb of ram

GnuPG 1.4.23
GPG Config 1.33
GPG Shell 3.78

I started using PGP about 30 years go, mostly out of an academic interest.  I 
had (and still have) no real need to ecrypt my email.  But, I found very quickly 
that I liked using it to encrypt individual files on my computer.  So, long time 
user, but rather casual user.

I have have the same email address for many years and the my ISP tells me they 
no longer provide email servies.  I go to an email prvider, make a new address, 
make sure it is working, and then make a new key pair for it.

When I right click on a file and send to GPG Tools, pick my OLD DEFAULT (being 
phased out) email, GPG runs and a *.gpg file is created.  I double click on it, 
I'm asked for a passphrase, I enter it, and my file is decrypted.  

When I encrypt to my NEW key, my *.gpg file is created, I double click on it, 
GPG NEVER asks for a passphrase, it just decrypts the file.

What is wrong?

Thank you.

Steve Dudley
Steve Dudley (0x69F16D99) pub.asc

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