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I use Debian unstable+experimental. Debian unstable has gpg version 2.2.27, while Debian experimental has gpg version 2.3.1. I'm using gpg mainly in the context of pass (, but also for encrypting files and such. Additionally, I use ProtonMail, and I have the bridge ( use pass to retrieve credentials.

With gpg version 2.2.27, everything works just fine - there are no warnings or errors and pass and ProtonMail bridge both work well. With gpg version 2.3.1, however, I run into a warning of "gpg: keydb_search failed: Invalid argument" whenever I attempt to decrypt a password with pass. pass also returns an error code of 2, which seems to be propagated from the gpg return value. Because of this, the ProtonMail bridge program believes that it was not able to retrieve the credentials and fails to load properly.

I saw another email on here with a "keydb_search: Broken pipe" message, but I wasn't sure if these are related or if there is something I have misconfigured. I don't really have control over how ProtonMail bridge calls pass, and I'm getting this error/warning even when I just decrypt an encrypted file using plain gpg.

Any help would be deeply appreciated!


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