--auto-key-retrieve fails for some keys

Phil Pennock gnupg-users at spodhuis.org
Tue Nov 2 18:35:01 CET 2021

On 2021-11-02 at 16:05 +0100, Tadeus Prastowo via Gnupg-users wrote:
> The signature on a Linux kernel can be verified successfully using
> `--auto-key-retrieve', but the signature on an Emacs cannot be
> verified in the same manner because gpg is unable to retrieve the
> needed public key automatically.

> Any idea why the --auto-key-retrieve feature fails for some keys?

% gpg --list-packets < emacs-27.2.tar.xz.sig
# off=0 ctb=89 tag=2 hlen=3 plen=284
:signature packet: algo 1, keyid 91C1262F01EB8D39
	version 4, created 1616673188, md5len 0, sigclass 0x00
	digest algo 2, begin of digest 77 61
	hashed subpkt 2 len 4 (sig created 2021-03-25)
	subpkt 16 len 8 (issuer key ID 91C1262F01EB8D39)
	data: [2048 bits]

% gpg --list-packets < linux-5.11.tar.sign
# off=0 ctb=89 tag=2 hlen=3 plen=563
:signature packet: algo 1, keyid 38DBBDC86092693E
	version 4, created 1613380292, md5len 0, sigclass 0x00
	digest algo 8, begin of digest dc ca
	hashed subpkt 33 len 21 (issuer fpr v4 647F28654894E3BD457199BE38DBBDC86092693E)
	hashed subpkt 2 len 4 (sig created 2021-02-15)
	subpkt 16 len 8 (issuer key ID 38DBBDC86092693E)
	data: [4096 bits]

The shorter keyids are known to be spoofable if someone is willing to
put enough effort into repeatedly generating keys.  So I can well
believe that without the full issuer fingerprint, gpg declines to
automatically retrieve the key.

The only key I can find for 91C1262F01EB8D39 claims to have been made in
2020 and yet is using SHA1 for the self-signature.  That is worrying.


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