User id's without person's name, only email

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at
Wed Nov 17 15:40:46 CET 2021

* 2021-11-16 17:06:02+0000, Andrew Gallagher via Gnupg-users wrote:

> The "Real Name" and "Comment" portions of the userID are mere
> conventions and, if you have an address book, entirely redundant.

Thanks. That is rather technical point of view and correct in that
sense. In my opinion it is a bit too nerdy because real names are
convenient for other people. For example, I have to address books:

 1. Actual address books for people, their home addresses, phone numbers
    and emails. None of these people have OpenPGP key.

 2. Second "address book" is my OpenPGP keyring. It groups persons'
    names, their email and other key data. If many keys don't have name
    in their user id it could be inconvenience. Computer programs can
    find keys but often we need also manual "gpg -k" etc. Real names
    help there.

    (I understand that some people need to protect their identity and
    use some random strings in user id's. That is completely different
    from usual public communication.)

But this is nothing important. Key's owner decides.

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