User id's without person's name, only email

raf gnupg at
Thu Nov 18 03:22:52 CET 2021

On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 04:40:46PM +0200, Teemu Likonen <tlikonen at> wrote:

> * 2021-11-16 17:06:02+0000, Andrew Gallagher via Gnupg-users wrote:
> > The "Real Name" and "Comment" portions of the userID are mere
> > conventions and, if you have an address book, entirely redundant.
> Thanks. That is rather technical point of view and correct in that
> sense. In my opinion it is a bit too nerdy because real names are
> convenient for other people.

Real names aren't that useful. They're hardly unique,
even/especially within a single family.

In Australia, voting is mandatory (yay! for now).
Someone I know once received a letter from the
gorvernment asking why they didn't vote, and at the
same time, their father, who had with the same name and
address, received a letter asking why they voted twice
(or maybe it was the other way around). :-)


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