Why does one machine allow me to use two yubikeys simultaneously connected, while another only allows one?

Christian Chavez x10an14 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 15:24:27 CEST 2021


I've got the same ~/.profile and ~/.bashrc configs (see below) on both
machines, yet on one machine I have to disconnect one to make use of the
And on the other machine I can make use of GPG keys on either yubikey while
both are conected via USB.

What's puzzling is that it's the one with the newest scdaemon, pcscd, and
gpg does not allow me to leverage both yubikey's GPG keys (one will always
work, but to make the other work I have to disconnect the one that works).

See paste for configuration:

Anyone got any suggestions on how to debug this?

Med vennlig hilsen/Kind regards,
Christian Chavez
Phone/Tlf: +47 922 22 603
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