v2.3 of gnupg for automation?

Hammett, Rich rich.hammett at warnermedia.com
Tue Oct 26 18:40:40 CEST 2021

We’ve been using v1.4 of gnupg because I read in the documentation and user comments and in my testing, that v2.X couldn’t be used in software automation workflows.  As I recall from the comments a year or two ago, there was a feature (that seemed intentional) that the passphrase had to be entered manually in a popup window in v2.X.  And that even when that was supposedly not required, it still happened occasionally to users, that their automation couldn’t process the file because gnupg v2.X required the manual input.

Can anyone clarify this, or say if this has definitely been removed from v 2.3.3, that manual intervention is no longer required?  A new developer has moved to that version in his testing, and it seems to be working for us, but I remember that people said the problem was intermittent before.

Thanks for any assistance!

Rich Hammett
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