What are the file in ~/.gnupg ?

Romain LT romain.lebrun-thauront at insa-lyon.fr
Fri Oct 29 16:04:11 CEST 2021


I'm sorry for this beginner question but I could not find answers on the
web nor the manpage nor the doc of gpg, even though it is a quite
general question :

What are the files in gnupg homedir ?
I could not find a complete listing so I'm writing what I know and do
not know here. If you know more than me can you fill in th blank ? :)

dirmngr.conf :
	configuration for dirmngr (keyserver access)

	configuration for gpg-agent (key caching and key acces by other

	conf for the gpg command line utility


	folder to store revocs certificates (for my own keys ?) (only
	for issued certificates or should I store certificates in this
	waiting for the moment my keys are compromised ?)

	folder with private keys files, named afte key or subkey keygrip
	Is there only the private key part of my own keys in this ? or
	is there a way to obtain public+private key from one of those
	files ?

	"database" of where the public keys are. (yours from your
	own keys, and other people public keys too.

	state of the random number generator

	list of keys with (A) capabilities (authentication) which will be
	used as ssh key by the gpg-agent. (by keygrip)

	is an sqlite database and mean Trust On First Use. But what does
	it means and what does it contains ?

	the "trust database" which seem to be usefull for web of trust.
	The doc says to not backup this file. Why, and why did it
	contains, and what is it for ?

any help is welcome, and if I miss this information in the docs feel
free to point me to the right manual sections.

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