Windows x64 binaries, unusable with Thunderbird

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Aug 9 15:52:24 CEST 2022

On Sun,  7 Aug 2022 12:46, andrew--- said:

> It looks like GPG4Win as well as "simple" installer are 32bit-only,
> which is somewhat unexpected in 2022. Is there a reason for this?

Windows 64-bit-only installations are pretty rare and thus the 32-bit
GnuPG suite is not a problem.  

> Such builds are unusable with the x64 Thunderbird [1], no matter if user

Thunderbird does not use GnuPG and the former Enigmail used
CreateProcess to start gpg et al.  No problem at all.

You may very well build libgpgme as 64-bit DLL or static library.  (we
do this for our Outlook an explorer plugins).  The native messaging with
gpgme-json does not care about 64 or 32 bit because CreateProcess is
used by Thunderbird.

The background why we have no 64 bit version of GnuPG are due to
problems with HANDLEs, sockets, file descriptors and such.  GnuPG uses
some tricks to handle this all.  Instead of migrating these tricks and
assumptions over to a 64 bit world, we are slowing moving towards
internal data structures which allow us to avoid all tricks (i.e. our
own data object (estream_t) conveying meta information, such as whether
we have a socket or a libc file descriptor).



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