OpenPGP smartcard and P-256 in non expert mode

Sosthène Guédon | Nitrokey sosthene at
Thu Aug 11 14:58:17 CEST 2022


> Please share your GnUPG version and the type of smartcard you are using
> with us.  A 9 year old commit is not very helpful.

I'm using gpg 2.2.36 and a OpenPGP smart card implementation we are currently developing.

You're right the commit itself isn't very helpful, here are is the code that is relevant in the 2.2 branch:;a=blob;f=g10/keygen.c;h=fee752376d28d7c7704336d681da8be92c4f22bc;hb=491645b50ec97db12520483d347291d660db209c#l2393
See the `expert_only` flag set to 1 for P-256. This was introduced in the commit I mentioned.


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