Levels of validation

Christoph Klassen christoph-klassen at mail.de
Sun Jan 2 16:45:47 CET 2022

Hello Klaus,

On 02.01.22 15:05, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> Yes. But depends on your trust-model setting (see man page).

Okay, I will read it. Sounds interesting because developers could decide 
to display the level of validation in their application, but if users 
change the settings, this could stop working.

> The trust "ultimative" should only set to your very own keys! You
> never use that setting for anything else.

I already thought that I shouldn't do this. But, wouldn't it be the same 
as when I sign a key? In the end both ways show that I trust the key and 
if I sign a key I do trust it ultimately.



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