[Announce] A New Future for GnuPG

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Mon Jan 3 17:31:32 CET 2022

Werner, this is amazing news.  Thank you for sharing it!

For the list: as you may remember, each Christmas I run a fundraiser for 
GnuPG.  You pledge $X and I match it, that sort of thing.  I didn't do 
one this year because Werner contacted me earlier asking me not to, 
saying he would soon have news that would put GnuPG on much more solid 
financial footing.  I'm happy the news is finally ready for sharing.  :)

I first started using GnuPG in '99, when I was twenty-four years old and 
hired by a major telecommunications firm to secure their billing 
back-end.  Although the full scope of that project isn't relevant here, 
I did spend about six months doing a clean-room implementation of 
RFC2440 in PHP3.  It was a vile experience and one I don't recommend. 
But GnuPG was about to hit 1.0, and I leaned on the 0.99 and 1.0 code 
very heavily to make sense of the RFC2440 spec.

I continued to use it throughout the years since, and once the NDA with 
the telecommunications firm expired joined the mailing list.  I've been 
here ever since.  I hope to be here for some years to come.  It's been a 
pretty good 23 years so far!
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