Install gnupg on Linux machine ( For gpg encryption & decryption )

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Wed Jan 5 02:51:05 CET 2022

On 1/4/2022 at 7:23 AM, "Rayapati Rama Rao (NCS)"  wrote 

	Could you please let me know which gnupg software to download for
Linux machine to make use of gpg encryption & decryption. 

	Also, may I know if any packages required to install on Linux prior
to gnupg installation. 

	If possible could you please provide me the steps to install gnupg on
Linux machine.  


	Here is the Gnupg site for Gnupg downloads. 

	The Linux links are listed below the ones for Windows and Mac.

	Once gnupg 2.2.33 is installed on your Linux system, you can download
Kleopatra as an easy gui front end.

	If you do not especially need the Linux version you are using, I
would highly recommend the Ubuntu 20.x LTS (long term support). It
already has Gnupg installed by default when you download the  .iso

	All the Best 


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