GnuPG - signed Telefax communication

Стефан Васильев stefan.vasilev at
Fri Jan 14 18:54:56 CET 2022

Andrew Gallagher wrote:

> On Fri, 2022-01-14 at 16:42 +0000, Стефан Васильев via Gnupg-users
> wrote:
>> The --begin etc. markers should be used to detect where
>> the OCR scanned document begins and ends to have later
>> a good signature.
> If you are relying on OCR to reconstitute a bitwise-perfect message
> (because that's the only way a signature will validate) then you're
> asking for trouble, unless you're using a very restricted character set
> with at most one whitespace codepoint.

Maybe one could use a character, like a + or * etc., as whitespace.

The idea is to use a Telefax machine for endpoint security, with
an offline usage PC, which for example gpg4win is ideal for.

>> the receiver then OCR scans the document and decodes the QR-code
> If QR is an option, why not encode the entire message in QR?

I thought about that too, but in case the document would be several
pages long and would not fit into a QR-code. Ok, one can split the
large document and insert then several QR-codes into one Fax page.


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