Short question regarding config

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Jan 22 20:59:00 CET 2022

> What's the difference between `|--personal-cipher-preferences' and 
> `default-preference-list'?|

The former is your preferences for the traffic you generate.  The latter 
is your advertised list of preferences that are affixed to new 
certificates you generate.

E.g.: if you have p-c-p of CAMELLIA256, TWOFISH, AES256, you will use 
Camellia if your recipient supports it, Twofish if your recipient 
supports it but not Camellia, AES256 if your recipient supports it but 
neither Camellia nor Twofish, and if your recipient supports none of 
them you'll use 3DES (which all recipients support).

If your d-p-l reads AES256, CAMELLIA256, TWOFISH, then any new 
certificate you generate will have a note on it telling people "I can 
read traffic encrypted with any of those algorithms."

99% of users will never have any need to use these options.

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