Backup of GPG private keys?

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* 2022-01-26 08:15:30+0000, Mogens Jensen via Gnupg-users wrote:

> As of GnuPG (LTS) version 2.2.33, what is the recommended way to backup
> your GPG private keys on a Linux system?
> 1. Backing up the entire ~./gnupg directory?

Yes. Just normal backup is good and often enough. Just store the backups
at least as safe as your ~/.gnupg directory.

Very old backups may not be fully compatible with newer versions of
GnuPG. Although GnuPG may have some automatic mechanism to convert from
older file formats.

> 2. Exporting only the keys?

The OpenPGP export format is good too because it does not depend on the
current file format. The export format should be compatible with almost
any OpenPGP implementation. If you backup important long-term keys
outside your normal computers I suggest using the export format: "gpg

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