First Amendment and Marines?

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      Not quite. It cares about personal data from people residing in
Europe at the time said data was collected. And even then, you need to
be targeting EU/EEA residents. So, if a German citizen goes to FL and
needs to stop at the emergency care to have a shark bite taken care
of, that data now is owned by the hospital forever, which will figure
out how to make money with it without asking permission.


This is NOT true, 
(but may make sense to someone who has never been a hospital patient
in the US.)

Every hospitalized patient is given a consent form prior to treatment,
which they may edit or refuse to sign.
-It allows release of medical information to the Insurance Carrier, 
-to the Patient's private Physician, 
-to a third party designated by the patient as a 'next-of-kin-with
medical proxy', should the patient not be in a condition to make
-or to a third party statistical group following the frequency and
outcome of a particular condition requiring hospitalization.

The patient can choose any, all, any combination, or none of them. 
And still get treatment.
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