YubiKey 5C NFC not detected

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at inka.de
Mon Jan 31 17:06:13 CET 2022

Werner Koch via Gnupg-users <gnupg-users at gnupg.org> writes:
> scdaemon does not see any reader.  That might simply due to another
> process which uses the reader (the yubikey tools).

None the wiser:

    $ cat ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf
    debug cardio
    log-file /tmp/scd.log
    $ gpgconf --kill gpg-agent
    $ gpg --card-status
    gpg: selecting card failed: No such device
    gpg: OpenPGP card not available: No such device
    $ cat /tmp/*.log
    2022-01-30 20:50:40 scdaemon[416012] listening on socket '/run/user/1000/gnupg/S.scdaemon'
    2022-01-30 20:50:40 scdaemon[416012] handler for fd -1 started
    2022-01-30 20:50:40 scdaemon[416012] ccid open error: skip
    2022-01-30 20:50:40 scdaemon[416012] pcsc_list_readers failed: no readers available (0x8010002e)

>>     gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.32
> Note that there is a bug in the reader-port implementation of 2.2.33;
> you better wait for 2.2.34 instead of updating to 2.2.33.

Good to know.  Will keep an eye on it.  Even if 2.2 doesn’t work with
that YubiKey, it does work just fine with the OpenPGP smart card in my
[SPR232 mod][1].  So I don’t want to loose access there.

[1]: https://github.com/feklee/0.332

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