AW: Cancel operation does not return error code

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> > 3. Ctrl+C does not cancel the gpgme passphrase entry. See screenshot 2
> Pressing Ctrl+C while t-encrypt-sym is running and pinentry-curses is asking for the password quits pinentry-curses and t-encrypt-sym without further output. That's common behavior for command line programs.

The problem is not that it quits without any further ouput. The problem is, that the command line is broken after a ctrl+c and the pinentry-curse is somehow still alife. You can't type or it is not visible. If you hit enter you get back to the pinentry saying that you don't inserted any passwort.

Is there a proper way or example how to cancel all operations on a ctrl-c signal?

> My conclusion is that gpgme_op_encrypt() is working as expected as my experiments with the official test t-encrypt-sym proves. I suspect that there is something wrong with your program. Please have a look at the official test t-encrypt-sym (in tests/gpg > of gpgme's source code) and check what you are doing differently.
> I'm using gpgme 1.17.1.

I tested now in a docker container with Arch:latest and gpgme 1.17 and the Canceloperation err returned as expected. It really seems to be a bug in the 1.14.

Regards Sven

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