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I am trying to use a model called JULES which makes use of GPG Agent to cache Subversion passwords. My colleague Toby at UKCEH uses this system and it works fine using GPGvn2.0.22, but apparently, this version of GPG reached its end of life in 2017 according to and is no longer supported (the current version is 2.3.7). I have installed v2.2.4 of GPG but I find that I cannot cache my password through Subversion (see screenshot).

Looking online, there seems to be a problem with versions after v2.1.11 (according to ) because (as far as I understand it) GPG no longer sets the environment variable $GPG_AGENT_INFO and therefore this system of caching passwords no longer works.

MY QUESTION: is there any way of changing the settings on GPGv2.2.4 to allow this environment variable to be set and therefore allow passwords to be cached as in earlier versions?

Thank you

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