Question about secret service integration and saved passphrases

Jackson Chen jackson at
Thu Jan 5 02:50:25 CET 2023


i had enabled KeePassXC secret service integration (some free desktop standard).
when i use my secret GPG/PGP keys, i get prompted by KeePassXC to unlock the database (if locked). after unlocking the database, GPG goes back to asking for the passphrase through pinentry.

the problem i have is that the pinentry program (pinentry-qt) does not have a checkbox to save the passphrase, which is what i need to save the passphrase into KeePassXC.
is there a way to either save an entry for the key's passphrase directly in KeePassXC, or indirectly through some pinentry program or other way?

currently, pinentry-gtk2 is broken because of a missing library (namely libgtk-x11). my linux system runs the KDE desktop environment, so i guess it makes sense why pinentry-gtk2 wouldn't work, but i'm not sure what package to install (arch linux ARM).


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