En-/Decryption speed for large files (GnuPG and Gpg4win)

Ming Kuang ming at imkuang.com
Sun Jan 15 16:14:09 CET 2023

On Sunday, January 15, 2023 5:52 PM, Christoph Klassen wrote:
> When I was testing the decryption I also tried "gpg --decrypt
> test_file.gpg" (without output file) with the 10 GB file and it took 8
> minutes and 47 seconds. I was wondering why it took longer when GnuPG
> didn't need to create an output file.

As far as I know, outputting text to the screen (like printf) is a very time 
consuming operation, it will block you until all printing is complete.

gpg --decrypt test_file.gpg without output file will print all the decrypted 
contents on the screen, which may be the reason why it takes so long.
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