Multithreading with GPGME Python Bindings

Jan Girlich vollkorn at
Mon Jan 16 07:55:08 CET 2023


I want to use the GPGME Python bindings in a concurrent way.

In the documentation of the Python bindings at I find no
mention of multithreading.

In the GPGME documentation at
I find the note, that I need to call "gpgme_check_version" before doing
any multithreaded operations.

Then again I find only this section about version checking in the
Python binding's documentation:
In this section the version check is done via a subprocess call to
"gpgme-config --version".

Is the call to "gpgme_check_version" maybe done implicitly by the
Python bindings?

Do I have to call "gpgme-config --version" before to safely do
multithreaded operations with the Python bindings?

Thank you for any insights,

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