En-/Decryption speed for large files (GnuPG and Gpg4win)

Christoph Klassen christoph.klassen at intevation.de
Mon Jan 16 16:47:54 CET 2023

Thanks for your replies!

On 15.01.23 16:14, Ming Kuang wrote:
> gpg --decrypt test_file.gpg without output file will print all the decrypted
> contents on the screen, which may be the reason why it takes so long.
For some reason in that test gpg didn't output anything or at least the 
PowerShell didn't show anything.

On 15.01.23 17:03, Werner Koch wrote:
 > BTW, Do not use gpg4win 4.0.3 - it has a known vulnerability.  Use
 > gpg4win 4.1.0.  This will also change the numbers because we improved
 > some things in gpg.
Don't worry, the system is mostly offline ;-) When I will give it access 
to the internet again I will update Gpg4win. Anyway, great to hear that 
the current version is faster than 4.0.3.

On 16.01.23 02:01, Ángel wrote:
 > For any test like this where you are not going to process the output
 > (e.g. to compare it) I would recommend writing into the null device
 > (/dev/null in *nix, nul in Windows).
I wanted to create an output file because I wanted to see how GnuPG 
would behave in a real scenario :)

 > Also, when measuring encryption make sure it is not trying to use
 > compression (based on the preferences of your test key). The time spent
 > by the compressor on your uncompressible files would be just an
 > unneeded source of variation.
Thanks for the hint! I will try it with disabled compression.

With regards,

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