Multithreading with GPGME Python Bindings

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jan 17 10:54:28 CET 2023

On Mon, 16 Jan 2023 07:55, Jan Girlich said:
> Is the call to "gpgme_check_version" maybe done implicitly by the
> Python bindings?

Yes.  See gpgme/lang/python/src/

  # check_version also makes sure that several subsystems are properly
  # initialized, and it must be run at least once before invoking any
  # other function.  We do it here so that the user does not have to do
  # it unless she really wants to check for a certain version.

> Do I have to call "gpgme-config --version" before to safely do

No, this is a helper to compile against gpgme - it returns suggested
compiler and linker flags.

Make sure that one context object is only used by one thread at a time.



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